Union Minister for Science and Technology, H.E. Dr. Myo Thein Kyaw met and addressed the principal, professors and teachers from Technical Promotion Training Center (Baelin)


Union Minister for Science and Technology, H. E. Dr. Myo Thein Kyaw, arrived at the Technology Promotion Training Center (Belin) on September 2, 2021, in order to coordinate the teaching and learning issues of the Technology Promotion Training Center (Belin) under the Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and the technical and vocational education teacher training issues that will be implemented going forward. He also visited the training halls and relevant departments, inspecting the LAB rooms, equipment, and teaching aids that have been installed and planned to be able to carry out continuous training.

After that, Union Minister held an interview and discussion with the staff of the training school in the training hall and instructed to carry out an annual review in order to update the teaching materials currently being used and to ensure that they are compatible with the centre.

Then, on September 3rd, Union Minister continued to visit the Government Technical Institute and Government Technical High School in Kyukse and met with the school principal, in-charge, heads of departments, and teachers, and it was reported that he coordinated on matters related to teaching, learning and administration.