Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Science and Technology in cooperation with the Mekong Institute held a "National Workshop on Promoting School-Industry Partnership" workshop


          To promote cooperation between schools and workplaces for the development of skilled human resources, to minimize the gap between the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will be needed for various industries and service sectors, strengthening the connection between schools and industries and upgrading curriculum, sharing resources and exchanging technologies, creating more jobs opportunities; and aiming to be able to connect with practical workplaces for TVET students and to provide qualified TVET technicians and  skills workforce; "National Workshop on Promoting School- Industry Partnership" was held online  using zoom meeting platform at 9:00 a.m on September 14,2021  by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training; attended by Dr. Sai Kyaw Naing Oo, Director- General of the Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and gave an opening speech.

          The Principal of Government Technological College, Government Technical High Schools, officials of Departments, representatives from local factories, workshops and industries in the relevant schools, in charges industry, representatives from Ministry of Industry, Ministry of labor and Ministry of Border Affairs, and a total of approximately (250) guests including other invited visitors attended the workshop and discussed; and the attendees discussed what they wanted to know about each other and the conditions that would allow them to cooperate .